Pcar stock split

Paccar split 3:2 on Feb 8th but has not been updated in the game. Dividends are also not applying

The dividends have been applied and the split on 2023-02-08 was also applied.

But dividends across the game have Not been applied. I have a whole bunch of high fcf stock with large dividends that have not been applied. MRO for example paid in real life but not in the game. The game was not updated for a long period of time so all holders of dividend paying stock have inaccurate scores. I don’t know how or why the function stopped happening, it should be automated and it used to happen on time.

This issue will be addressed.

So WHEN will this issue be addressed? I looked at a stock today GIS, it has not been adjusted for a dividend.

It has been executed.

Here is another error in the game 1704% gain listed for the index between Feb 2023 and Aug 2023.

I haven’t been able to track down why this happened. Two of your Picks were closed on 2023-08-15 with an Ending Index Price that was wildly incorrect. That accounted for the incorrect Pick score.

I updated the Ending Index Price for those Picks and recalculated XMFFlyGal.

Your score should be correct, now.

I saw some other picks corrected here, so I’m sharing two of mine that need correction. CHWY and AYX need to have the index gain fixed. Thanks for your help with this.

Thanks for that.
But I have many many dividend stocks and the dividend stocks don’t report dividends and the adjustment of the price that results from those dividends. So I don’t believe the score is correct until I see regular dividends being applied. Special dividends also not being applied.