CAPS score tanked this morning 9-25-23

Went from +15000 to -20000, it appears something changed in the index part of the calculation for all closed picks since accuracy is down to like 1%.

What happened and is it getting fixed?

I see a score of -3923 with an accuracy of 14.31.

There were some corrections made to ending index prices over the weekend.

I have researched the scoring on the four picks that have the largest negative scores and using the open and close dates for the picks, the stock and index prices and scores are correct.

Do you have specific picks that you think are incorrect?

Friday the score was +15000 with an accuracy over 80%. CAPS is currently giving an error message when I try to go to my caps page, but when I looked at the closed picks, almost every single red thumb pick (yeah, I did the pick a crappy stock and close it when it is +5, red thumb it again thing) that I had closed and opened over and over are all showing negative when I know for certain they were positive. Something got changed that effected almost every last closed pick score and it cost me like 35000 points all my accuracy.

Looking over all of your closed picks, I do see some ending index prices anomalies. I will look at correcting them. But, there do not appear to be enough issues to skew your score from what it should be.

It seems that most of your picks are underperforms, correct?

There is a separate issue with getting logged into the CAPS website right now that is not within my realm of control.

As I said, something tanked my score from +15000 to -20000 over the weekend. The way all my closed red thumb picks looked when I saw them before the log in server died, it is something to do with the index CAPS picks are scored against. Something got changed over the weekend and it retroactively destroyed my score and accuracy. Even TMFBabo isn’t the #1 CAPS person any longer.

At this point, I’m sure the majority of my picks are red thumbs just because I use them for accuracy when they get over +5. If you see my closed picks, all those are now negative points. I hope whatever it is gets fixed or changed back.

AMC started on 8-22-23, closed on 8-30-23 shows the index as down -97%
AMC started on 8-30-23, closed on 9-7-23 shows the index as down another 73.5%
VFS started on 9-1-23, closed on 9-11-23, shows the index down 79%

It goes on and on and on. Something is very broken.

Also seeing some very strange things going on

So . . . now that the log-in server is back up I see that CAPS is totally messed up.
Similarly to valari25 I went from 15,149.91 to -7,546.45 a loss of 22,696.36 points.
Another reason why this free-rider will NEVER pay Motley Fool a dime for their “services”.
Last one out the door please turn out the lights.
Look at this -

After the next calc run which should finish about 12:15 PM today (2023-09-26), could you check your CAPS Player page and see if the scores and accuracy look better?


I’ll assume you mean 1215 EST, so 815 for me on Alaska time. 45 minutes or so from now, I’ll report back. Thanks.

Sorry, yes. I am just so used to working with people out East that I assumed.

And here I went and did the time math in my head…

Looks back to normal now, thanks for the help!

Great! Now, I just have to adjust the other 5.5M closed picks.

If you notice any other anomalies, please let me know.

Thank you for your help.

And we are back. Seems to be a bit of an over-correction, maybe it is the new criteria for scoring, but I’ll take the extra couple of thousand points as compensation for the previously induced panic. :rofl: