Peak BV: How much?

Probably this year, and not much higher than $200?

said2, are you asking about book value per B share? If so, I have that number being above $200 since the middle of 2021, with a high of around $230 per B share at the end of the first quarter of 2022.


Yes, that’s what I wanted to know. $230? I didn’t know it was that high. So Price/Peak BV is 1.35 right now, still 10% shy of the 1.5 I thought it would be.

Thank you!


Yes that was Q1, maybe adjusted for the reduced share count at the following 10K, it was $230.31per B share. Q2 and Q3 were lower than that.

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I keep a couple bookmarks handy where I check/infer quarterly BV:

This one from Zacks below shows a small table of BV in the lower right of the page for the first three quarters of this year. They look a few dollars more than the data above, so I don’t know if they adjusted for buybacks/share count but it’s in the ballpark. Maybe someone can explain the anomalies.


The Zacks link does not account for Non-controlling interest in shareholders equity. Zacks (likely a computer) uses “Total shareholders equity” instead of “Berkshire Hathaway shareholders equity.”


Ah. That’s right. I remember that now. Thx for the clarification.