Peeps: Are Easter Peeps Safe--California says no

California objects to Red Dye No 3 (probably in the pink ones). And to titanium dioxide pigment.

Titanium dioxide is very fine when used as a pigment. It might be dusty. And I would not be surprised to hear that when inhaled in a dusty environment those without facemasks might risk cancer on long term extended exposure. But once its in candy that seems very unlikely.

Sadly the lawyers and lawmakers seem to lack even the most fundamental understanding of these differences.


Enough to make you wonder “What’s next?”


That’s not what the article says. It is one state legislator who has introduced a bill to ban these chemicals in food.

It may not be your intent, but you are significantly changing the facts of the situation by attributing this to the entire state when it’s just a bill introduced by a single legislator.

This is how misinformation gets started and spread.



Thanks, Peter. I think we know very well that California has a long list of materials “known to the state of California to cause cancer.”

This looks like an effort to extend use of that list elsewhere.

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Forget about the weird chemical ingredients. There’s a more important reason to avoid this product. And no, it’s not the sugar content.