Pentagon Parts Problem

WE know the Pentagon has failed fir the fifth time to audit itself.

Now we learn of pentagon failure to keep track of spare parts & defense industry rape of the taxpayer.

Boeing has refused to give the Department of Defense pricing data for nearly 11,000 items included in a single sole-source contract. In other words, Boeing is charging taxpayers for thousands of parts without actually telling us how much each one costs.
A SWEET deal for Boeing.

According to GAO, Lockheed Martin has lost nearly 2 million F-35 spare parts — worth a collective $151 million — since 2018. So where did they end up? Don’t ask the Pentagon. As the report notes, the F-35’s program office has only looked into about 20,000 of these lost parts. It’s no wonder that the total cost of acquiring these shiny new planes has gone up by $20.5 billion since 2012.

So what happens when you give an agency seemingly infinite money and minimal oversight? Apparently, it just hands the cash over to massive defense contractors. No wonder their profits keep soaring to new highs.

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The debt limit bill that just passed the house, increases defense spending. Clearly, if Billions go missing, the government will shovel Billions more to the contractors because (insert Islamic/Commie hysteria here)

Long Raytheon, the company that has been putzing around, for years, trying to do a knock-off of an in-production, proven in action, Israeli system, with nothing to show for it.



What’s the item? I have a friend at Raytheon and I can see if he has any insight.


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“Quick Kill”. It is a knockoff of the Israeli “Trophy” system, which has been in production for 15 years.

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Interesting - I’ll ask my friend. Although the full write up does not seem to be that problematic and there are issues with the Trophy system killing friendlies (the Israelis even moved the supporting infantry to behind the tanks to avoid - but that is not where supporting infantry should be!)