People abandoning the airlines for buses to get there ontime

Amazing how crappy US airline service has become.



I have become a huge fan of deluxe bus service here in Mexico. But I have to find the dexlux buses that are not optomized for the elephants and hippos that make up a significant part of the customers. Those seats are impossible for me unless I bring a big bag of pillows… But avoiding all the stupidity of airports and increasing chaos and incompetence of airlines is well worth an extra hour or two in a bus over in a plane, especiallly as the buses actually take me very close to where I actually want to go.

I see the coming of “sleeping coffin” buses as a bright beautiful wonderful possibility on the horizon. Get on a bus in the evening, sleep, and wake up to coffee, tooth brushing, and arrival with no time lost from my life at all.

david fb


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On distances such as Boston to NYC, downtown to downtown is as fast by train as by plane and you save the taxi fare to the airport.

The seats on the Portuguese trains are most uncomfortable. The busses are much better.

The Captain