People will hear "weight loss drugs reduce risk of cancer...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

Most people will never pay attention to the specific conditions of the trial’s conclusions.


No decrease in cancer risk was associated with GLP-1RAs compared with metformin.

I am down as of this morning 43 pounds from my top weight a few years ago. I am on Metformin but do not need it to control my sugar. The sugar is very good these days.

The weight loss is important.

The idea that the drugs can create a weight loss without reducing the cancer risk is truly a poorer result. I do not know what to make of that.

The article says the cancers that were reduced were the ones associated with obesity. and the study only measured diabetics. But the TV “news” didn’t say that. The “news” fed the narrative that GLP-1s, alone, are a panacea, with a flock of benefits for everyone. Hence, the title, where the mob hears the drugs reduce cancer risk, and ignore everything else, if reported at all.


The point is the weight loss should reduce the risks of cancer of all sorts. That is a failure that the drugs do not reduce the risk.