PFIE Earnings report

Posted earnings for Fiscal 2014, which ended Mar 31.…

Earnings per share (fully taxed) were 12 cents up from 3 cents the year before, but is actually more (probably about 15 cents) as they don’t add back non-cash option expenses. Revenues were $35.4 million for the fiscal year, up about 109% from $16.9 million the year before.



That Globe News Wire service looks like something we should All be subscribing to.

The numbers look astoundingly good to me and as you stated, Saul, are probably understated.

We should make some good money with this stock.

Thank you for sharing, Saul!


Bought part of this company today. Thanks Saul for putting it on my radar and for your thoughts about the company.


Don’t thank him til u sell!


I seem to recall in a thread about PFIE a few days ago that the underwriter can unload shares as late as 7/2 for ~$4.00/ea. Does this mean there is a possibility of another temporary dip tomorrow, similar to what happened a few days ago?

I apologize if this is an obvious question, I’m just not familiar with secondary public offerings.

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No Rizz, I will thank him now for his willingness to share his investment philosophy with all of us. Had it not been for Saul, I still would not have heard about this company, and likely never would. To a certain extent I did follow Saul’s thoughts on this company. But I am a big boy, I make my own decisions and live with the consequences whether good or bad. Saul didn’t invest my money in this company, I did. I take full responsibility for spending my money. All Saul did was point out an investment that might be something I would be interested in. I was and am grateful that he took HIS time to present it to all of us.

Long on personal responsibility in investing and life


Well said, Bill.

We all are individually responsible for our investment choices.

And we are so very fortunate to have Saul both teaching us how to invest and also leading with his transparency into his own personal investment moves. That takes a lot of courage.

But Saul would be the first to warn you he does not hit it out of the park every time. We are playing a percentage game. George Herman Ruth, Jr struck out more than any other player in his day, and yet to this day is known as Babe… The Great Bambino who set the mark which still stands to this day. IMHO, we have the finest investment mind in Saul I’ve ever seen in my 35 years of stock investing. My portfolio has profited enormously in the past 14 months since I first learned of Saul.

Saul’s gift is the ability to size up the numbers quickly and accurately. And to stand by his convictions to sell when those standards are deteriorating. I’ve never seen anyone with a better long term track record.

This is a golden time in which we all are learning how a great financial mind thinks. Let’s remember to thank our mentor frequently and to never hold him accountable for our own personal responsibilities.



Earnings per share (fully taxed) were 12 cents up from 3 cents the year before, but is actually more (probably about 15 cents) as they don’t add back non-cash option expenses.

I asked the company and here is what they responded.

Saul, Stock option expenses were about $1.4M, which would have raised EPS by about $0.03.

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Boy 10+ years Saul congratulations on all your successful investments. Happy balloon day.



Hi Andy, I didn’t even know I had balloons! Thanks.


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