I’m really sorry if anyone is still in PFIE, which dropped another 20% to $1.46 today (hard to believe it’s so low. I have no idea what the immediate precipitant was.) I sure told everyone when I got out, and I gave a list of what my reasons were, as I remember.



I’m really sorry if anyone is still in PFIE

No worries, Saul. I was hanging on to hear their earnings report and commentary which I heard and then I sold most of my shares. I still hold a very tiny position which I only have so I am forced to watch the company which I think will recover if they survive the current and coming hard times. Oil has dropped further and with crude supplies in US still increasing, oil could continue to drop or hang around current levels for a while.

Assuming they have viable products, and don’t go bankrupt, at some point PFIE will be a buy.

I was put off by management remarks to the effect that falling oil prices wouldn’t have much effect on their sales. Which seemed either very foolish or deliberately misleading. I have been out for quite a while. A small loss beats a big loss.

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I will keep following PFIE. They sport a PE of about 10 now, generate cash and have no debt.

It will be interesting to see how their views play out. They claim their customers are still fidgeting with budgets until there is more clarity on oil prices.

Fortunately, I hadn’t invested yet. The company still interest me though.


I have no idea what the immediate precipitant was.

Looks like a technical breakdown from a Gap up in August 13…

Or maybe not, because B pretty much knows diddlysquat about TA. :<)


Hi Saul,

I recall that you had posted when you got out. I’m still in PFIE but it’s a tiny position, was never above 0.8% of my portfolio and now it’s below 0.3%. If I need to offset a gain I’ll sell but otherwise I would like to continue to hold for a while to see how they do.

This always was a tiny position so I don’t feel too bad about it, especially given the performance of AMBA and SWKS. These started as larger positions and have grown spectacularly.

I try to win (profit) with all positions but recognize that a few might/will lose.


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I never bought.

Maybe I missed something but I could never see what made PFIE unique or gave them a moat of any sort. I felt that just about anyone could jump in and compete with these guys as soon as there was enough of a market to make ti worth going after. So I felt the growth opportunity would also be shunted off to new competition.

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Thanks Saul, I got out after your anti-rec.

Thanks Saul, I got out after your anti-rec.

Glad to have been of help. Who knows? 5 years from now it may be at $15. I just don’t like riding them all the way down.