Pink hydrogen for New York

The operator of the Nine Mile Point nuclear power plant in upstate New York has started a prototype hydrogen production facility.

From the link:
The Nine Mile Point Hydrogen Generation System’s containerised Proton Exchange Membrane uses 1.25 megawatt of zero-carbon energy per hour to separate hydrogen and oxygen atoms in water, producing 560 kilograms of hydrogen per day. This is sufficient to meet Constellation’s need for on-site hydrogen demand to help cool the power plant. The low-temperature electrolysis leverages Nine Mile Point’s existing hydrogen storage system.

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Hydrogen is often used in large power plants to cool the main electrical generator. Hydrogen is also often used in a nuclear plant for chemistry control in the reactor system.

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Constellation said the facility will also prepare for possible large-scale deployments at other clean energy centres in the company’s fleet that would couple clean hydrogen production with storage and other on-site uses.

As part of its broader decarbonisation strategy, Constellation is currently working with public and private entities representing every phase in the hydrogen value chain to pursue development of regional hydrogen production and distribution hubs and has committed to invest USD900 million up to 2025 for commercial clean hydrogen production using nuclear energy.

“Hydrogen will be an indispensable tool in solving the climate crisis, and Nine Mile Point is going to show the world that nuclear power is the most efficient and cost-effective way to make it from a carbon-free resource,” said Constellation President and CEO Joe Dominguez. “In partnership with DOE and others, we see this technology creating a pathway to decarbonising industries that remain heavily reliant on fossil fuels, while creating clean-energy jobs and strengthening domestic energy security.”

So Constellation is gearing up for supplying hydrogen to a hub, not of its own use.


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