"Playing the Reshuffle In the Russell Index

Barrons - May 25,2020

This year’s reshuffle for the Russell 2000 & Russell 1000 will take place after the market closes on Friday June 26th based on data from May 31st.This year will feature particularly high turnover. It will provide opportunity to move ahead of fund flows into and out of stocks that are joining or leaving the indexes.Billions of dollars of shares will be traded in the closing minutes on June 26th to align with the new indexes.

Buying pressure - ZM

Selling pressure - TDOC - due to it’s moving from Russell 2000 to Russell 1000 - where it will be a smaller weight in the index compared to MSFT,AAPL,& AMZN.


The preliminary indexes came out on June 5th for the reconstitution of the Russell Indexes to take place on June 26th.

ZM & DDOG are moving into the 1000

FSLY & WORK are moving into the 3000

Meaning there should be buying pressure on these before market close on June 26th



Don’t forget Friday the 26th,near the close of market - buying pressure on the below

these will be added - NET,CRWD,DDOG,FSLY,WORK,&ZM


this is last post on this subject, obviously much ado about nothing

but @3:59PM - ZM volume was approx. 9 million shares, in 1 second , it went to 16 million - the stock price barely moved

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Cobi, you must have posted this on the wrong board by mistake.

Playing index re-shuffling is not what we do here; we analyze the fundamentals of great businesses.

No more comments in this clearly OT thread. Thank you for co-operating :slight_smile:

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