The Russell 3000 is adding a company that is being discussed here


I’m not sure how significant it is to be added to an exchange with 3000 companies, but any ETF mimicking the Russell 3000 will have to buy shares in Aehr.

I thought it was perhaps more significant that with almost three hundred new companies being added to the exchange, Seeking Alpha led with Aehr in their article about it.



And from there, I suppose it is being added to the Russel 2000 ETFs. Another company discussed here that is being added is BRZE which may go to the Russel 1000, I am not sure as that is where the bigger caps go. Then all the ETFs tracking said indexes would have to buy in late June. How hedge funds and large-volume individual investors “play” this, I have no idea.

IWV Russel 3000
IWB Russel 2000
IWM Russel 1000

IWC Russel Microcaps

Schedule and lists on the official website here: