Please add two tickers to CAPS

Please add:



I think CAPS has fallen through the cracks. No answers since Jan 2023 as far as I can tell

A lot of things started going south when the brothers paid off their VC loans and abandoned the guidance of their VC backers. That was about the time of the Unapologetic ALL IN YOU ONLY NEED THIS ONE STOCK BASICALLY GUARANTEED 85 BAGGER Sierra Wireless ad. And their alleged ‘best advice ever’ badly underperformed the market!

I remember I was Duke Street (they call it One now) at $5,000 a year. I was so offended they abandoned all their principles, promoted reckless diversification, etc, and refused to back down because “it sold subs” that I canceled Duke and haven’t paid for a Fool product since. CAPS is the only reason I still come here and now they are going to lose that traffic too.

NASDAQ:ENVX and NASDAQ:DICE have been added to CAPS.
I apologize for the delay.