Please, no notifications to e-mail!

My e-mail is being cluttered by posts from the TMF message boards. How can I turn off the notifications to e-mail?


Profile / Preferences / Email


I see one of the options is what to do if I am sent a personal message. My question is, if I want to send someone a personal message, how or where on this site do you go to send someone message?

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They turned that off. Their explanation is legal issues.

I had read that too.

Yet Wendy is receiving e-mails and 576etc is explaining how to turn them off. So the issue seems muddled as are many things about the new site.

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I suspect Wendy is getting emails of everything posted to MeTAR, or perhaps other boards as well whenever anybody responds to one of her posts. This is (apparently) “on” by default, and it’s easy enough to turn off.

I miss the ability to e-mail posters directly. There are sometimes a comment which is not right for public consumption, but very right for an individual poster. Supposedly the Fool won’t do this anymore on the advice of lawyers, but that is nonsense. I can directly communicate with people on Facebook and any number of other social media sites. They need a new lawyer or two.


There is no way for users to send private messages to to other users. The system has that capability, but TMF has turned it off.

The system also has the capability to notify users by email for a couple conditions: when they are replied to, @ mentioned, quoted, or new activity in watched topics/categories. I turned them all off, but others might find a use for them.

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