PLTR question on short term

I don’t know why, but I cannot create my own tag, and I was disallowed from posting without at least one choice. I chose this tag because of its relationship to AI (and I am not allowed for some reason to post in the Investing Strategies section)

Just wanted to know what people think about PLTR on the short term. Yes, long term, I agree; but I want to do a little more trading.

PLTR I bought at $11.75 and sold at $16.25. Should I get in on the next dip? Or should I wait for a $3/$4 retrace? This question just for those who don’t mind trading. My bias right now: I can’t see justification for more gains in the stock, but I suppose things can get highly overvalued in a hurry. I just don’t see the catalyst, and with the Fed signaling more hikes post pause, it would seem to me risk in tech names will increase…was thinking of going with a range-bound stock I have followed for a while, PENN, and then trying to eke out a small gain there…any opinions? Thanks in advance…