Anyone have a new buy point in mind?

I can’t believe we’re in the low-mid 60s. Straining my brain to make sense of that given where we were. Anyone have a target in mind to buy more? I picked up some in the mid-70s and now think I’m too impatient.

I recently started a position at $77 and will be adding to it whenever I have funds to do so. If it gets to $50 i think that would be extremely pessimistic. In its current state I’d be happy to add anywhere up to around $100.


I think NVDA is about to have a terrible quarter. Lots of “gaming revenue” lost due to crypto bust. China AI sales halted.

While AMD should only be lightly affected by this, I suspect there is concern. A good earnings report will boost AMD.

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I feel really good about buying in the 50’s and 60’s. Not a guarantee that we can’t go lower but I feel that medium and long term prospects are great from these levels.

I bought some Thursday. Now I feel I should have waited given Friday’s news. But it was just 300 shares, as I could not sell my main investment to buy more AMD until passing an ex dividend date next week. So I may get some more soon.