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What’s your wager?

  1. The Good: We’ve been cutting deals left and right and north and south. We got the googles and we got the eye-talians and the europeans, and we got the amazons and the facebooks and all the little and big digital weenies. We got the telcos and the tiers one and two and three and all of them tiers. And we’ve been charging and getting paid, son. We got increasing revenues and increasing margins and the demand ain’t stopping because Internet. While other folks are seeing a drop in demand, we’re seeing more orders than we know what to do with. Because, you, know, Pic technology, etc. Yeehaw!

  2. The Bad: See above. But the Princess is in another castle.

  3. The Ugly : Gosh darn it, this stuff’s too complex even for us. It’s fun to play with the toys, but there’s no bananas in this here enterprise because the R & D costs won’t ever come down and they won’t ever let up and it’s a good hobby but, folks, stop investing in us. Growth and demand doesn’t matter if the business is not investor friendly. So not only is the Princess in another castle, there is no Princess. Sorry.

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So much for crowdsourcing of earnings results and the resulting stock price movement…

I’m still digesting the earnings call transcript so nothing intelligent to say yet, but I do feel like any possible guidance that isn’t stellar and optimistic is being taken by the market as the worst news ever.

So if you think INFN has long-term earnings prospects (and I do), then the -20% drop is a great sale price. But beware the herd…