Poll: Next Best Buy?

Ok Fools,

I’ve got some cash burning a hole in my pocket.

I recently sold off a position and I want to add one new company to my primary portfolio (currently 13 positions and a cash position a little too big for comfort). Which of these hyper-growth companies do you think I should add?

If you vote, please consider posting why you chose that company. I’ve been following and reading up on all three, like them all and am having a tough time picking which to go with…

Thanks in advance for playing along…

  • ESTC
  • PLAN
  • SMAR
  • Other (why?)

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I voted other. Why? Look at Mongo for example and how it is rapidly growing into a worldwide standard and expanding its product reach. Remember, the database (like the OS on the desktop) is the core “operating” system of the cloud. Everything runs from the database.

Certainly everyone is looking for something “cheaper” but is “cheaper” really cheaper? I can buy a much cheaper house in Albany than in Manhattan, with a lot more square footage and quality. Would you still prefer to live in Albany?

Just saying, value is more than multiples.

But this is an excellent topic to discuss. I mean ESTC has great business, PLAN is doing great, SMAR is doing great. I have no problem with any. I just hit other for the reasons cited above.



I bought CRWD and it went up 10% today. It’s still a better buy for this year in my opinion. I’d also rate the following ahead: ayx, roku and stne.

I’d also rate the following ahead: ayx, roku and stne.

My largest position is AYX…so not going to add. Looked at and dismissed STNE (too difficult to assess competition and other factors related to how things go down in Brazil. Conf Call had to decipher). ROKU is definitely interesting, concerned it might be transitionary tech–solves streaming service confusion that might eventually settle out in a way that by-passes need for ROKU–but open to exploring further at some point in future…But not now. Now, I’m down to these three…(and a little distracted by MDB as a possibility for reason Tinker mentions. I might be anchoring on previous price for MDB–this is almost always a mistake…)

CRWD haven’t even begun to look at, probably won’t anytime soon. Can’t buy them all…

Thanks Roach.

Best, Swift…
Long AYX

I’m interested in hearing why crowd is a good buy at this point. It’s trading at the price of its top competitor its attempting to disrupt. It has multiple competitors offering the same type of product


ENPH of course. Talk to me in a year.

I took out 12% of my aggressive this morning but I left ENPH alone.

I am in the “go go” years of my retirement (65-75) and I don’t want to wait for a recession to recover. I might need the money for my next ex wife . . .


I voted other. I think TTD is your best bet. I think you will see the DoJ call Google to task for the anti-competitive practices and this will open the door wide for TTD. The WSJ has a good article on this today.


I think TTD is your best bet.

TTD is my second largest position, right after AYX. Great company, great CEO. Tremendous future, IMHO.

Best, Swift…
Long TTD


Blueprint medical.

Most advanced boutique precision medicine biotech out. LOXO bought at 8b, with a smaller pipeline. (Bpmc at about 4b). Extremely focused management that is actually executing on their timeline.

This is an extremely rare combination of good management, good science, a deep pipeline, sound trials, cash on hand, and extraordinarily undervalued.


I too voted other

MDB seems to be an all star among stocks I own
and I bought CRWD last week, the day after it’s IPO day at $60, I am up 24%. so that seems to be rising for now. I am aware of it’s tough and more settled competitors, but for now, riding the wave while monitoring it closely.

TTD. The WSJ article does not mention TTD. It seems like an endorsement of ROKU.

" The New and Improved Picture for Targeted TV Advertising
Streaming platforms allow companies to tailor their marketing to a bigger audience and with more precision than ever. That’s causing advertisers to rethink their budgets—and their strategies. …"

"last year, the company moved around $400,000 from its traditional TV budget to Roku as part of an effort to promote Boost, a new product aimed at a younger audience.

Working with Roku, Experian selected specific viewers it was trying to reach, such as young people in the market for a big-ticket item like a home, and sent 15- and 30-second ads only to those Roku households.

In the middle of the campaign, the connected-TV company also helped Experian select and target families with children under 17, when Experian learned through separate digital-marketing efforts that its ads were well received by a broadly defined category of young families. Roku lets users watch content from its own channel and other programmer apps and streaming services such as CBS All Access or PlutoTV.

The campaign led to a boost in website visits and free enrollments, prompting the company to increase its projected spending with Roku. "


I voted “off-topic”

wordlessly watching, he waits by the window and wonders…


Lot of people voting for estc. Wonder why?

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I voted other. I’m not convinced by SMAR and don’t know enough about PLAN. I’m thinking of testing the waters in ESTC, but over all I prefer Mongo, TTD, and have also been doing well in Gold and some high dividend value stocks that are off topic for this board.


Fuma you got my attention, is the ticker BPMC for Blueprint Medicines?