Poll: Paid ZOOM for personal use?

<b>Let us test this hypothesis that even part of 100s of millions of new users / consumers will pay for monthly Zoom subscription. 

For 2nd question, please remember "personally paid" - if your employer pays for it OR even if you are paying for it as a business owner, that does not count.

While we are at it, let us also test advertisement as a potential form of monetization

Please respond whether you are Zoom shareholder or not.

And yes, please click all of the options that apply to you. There is no wrong answer!

  • I have used / participated in Zoom meeting
  • I personally pay for monthly subscription
  • I like Zoom so much, l wont mind if they show advertisment
  • I regularly use video conferencing other than Zoom

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Ok, so this one allows only one choice selection.

Let me create a simple, one choice poll.

Please ignore this.