Poll: Should all (including international) politics be banned on METAR?

No, we should not talk about it. It’s just one of the many political tropes that pervade the news. Everyone is aware of it. Like the dozens of other political tropes it may or may not happen. There’s no effect on our portfolios until something actually happens.



Thanks for the reply.

@WilliB mentioned -

I think that’s fair, but couldn’t we express our opinion that failing to support Ukraine has dire security and economic consequences for the US?

Sometimes the political things that affect economics are related to politicians voting to take action, more often than not, the impacts come from failing to take action.

Politics and economics are symbiotic. If we can only discuss politics after we’re experiencing the effect it has on economics, seems like we may be missing an opportunity for fruitful proactive discussion.

No. We should talk about how an independent Federal Reserve is important, or if it is not important, or how important it is. We don’t talk about candidates here.


And of course after it happens, it ceases being a Threat or Risk - cause it is too late.


That is a gambling mentality. Any worthwhile business a few weeks later it is a non-starter. If a business has a few bad quarters that does not mean it is time to sell.

Actually, there is. The market is a discounting mechanism for the future. I remember an election, a few years ago, where, when the apparent winner became known, stock futures crashed, due to uncertainty about future policies. As it turned out, the country embarked on four years of exceptional shinyness, and the stock market soared, but, on election night, people were running for cover.




I see an irony here. The people who voted against politics will very often go political. Many of them just do not want to hear the other side.

It would be great if we clearly defined rules that can be applied equally to all future discussions. That is impossible. The grey areas are enormous and always will be.

While there are grey areas, the rules are pretty easy to understand and follow. I can pretty much tell when a post is going to get pulled, and that includes my own posts.

Here’s the thing: The board rules work fine. We know this because the TMF boards have been dying for years, and this is one of the few remaining survivors. We don’t need any more clarification on the rules than we already have. In the past when I’ve had a post pulled but felt the board couldn’t live without my amazing insights, I’ve simply reworded it and its been fine.


I also see that some people who post often on METAR have not voted. For example Bob (aka DrBob2), tjscott0, steve203, buynholdisdead, and many more.

Given a few recent strongly partisan posts on Israel/ Gaza that still stand, perhaps we should look into enforcing existing rules before adding new ones.


Agreed. Although those screeds are mere skunkweeds compared to the odious noxious madness of the disputations that threaten us as we approach Nov of 2024 and Jan of 2025…

I need this place of sane discourse, and will cooperate to my utmost to abstain from and ban “politics” as widely misunderstood and abused in my writings on METAR.

d fb

P.S. I am visiting my old home of Soller, Mallorca, Spain. Starting the day after tomorrow I will be dressed as an impromptu artilleryman of 1561, hopefully (if my old neighbors need muleteer me) reenacting the successful repulsion of an invading fleet of Turkish pirates in what may be the longest running military battle reenactment on Earth. Extreme violence and murder, followed by a military triumph that put tiny Soller on ancient maps. Best of all is the ancient celebration of the greatest warriors of all during the mulit-day siege, “las valentes dones”, the Valient Women, a group of sisters who, failing to reach the fortress church in time to find protection, returned home and fought off and killed many pirates attacking their poor cottage.


I am not voting as I think mob rule of board policies (even when I may personally object) is a bad precedent.

If the board changes policy based on this vote, it would be a bad result. If the board ignores the vote and does otherwise, it would be a bad result.

In other words, nothing good can come from the results of this poll.


perhaps the solution to this and other boards political headache is to bring back the Asylum. let it roll, Blocking, Ignoring problem posters is also effective… On the alternate board, I see the same old tired crazies I had on Ignore in the original TMF, so they just slid over, so far survive…

In earlier times, on, I think it was yahoo boards, maybe another, at first there was no Ignore or blocking, but once that was added, things settled down nicely…

But overall, life is political, our workplaces, families, all of it, and all are tied to whatever invesctlent plan one might use or consider… A thankless task to keep it all sorted out, admins need a raise!!


Enforcing the current rule would be best

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I was on AARP when it had a real system for their boards. Worked great. They decided to drop that software (fees? no idea) and tried to a smaller Facebook. They failed–multiple times. Anything related to business/econ was flushed and everyone on those boards left–never to return.

Lord, I miss the PA Board.


@AlphaWolf like you, I miss the PA Board.

I avoided that cesspool like the plague (or Twitter) myself. But it was a valuable outlet for pent-up political passions that sometimes vent onto METAR.



This board is like the old PA Board


No, because political posts are banned and removed.

I think zoro was referring to the shrewdm board, not METAR.

Honestly, I try to behave on this board, Wendy.