Poll: The Rules about Politics

Is there too much politics on this board and are the rules on politics applied fairly?

  • Too much politics and rules not applied fairly
  • Too much politics and rules applied fairly
  • You need some politics to explain issues fully
  • Just the right amount of politics and its all fair
  • More control is needed to keep ALL politics off

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Trying to discuss economics without a consideration of politics is like trying to understand fish without considering water.


This is true, but vague “those are the bad guys and these are the good guys” posts are not really helpful and tell me nothing about the economy.

Telling me that we might have a shortage of vegetable oil this summer could be helpful, and it’s definitely economic.

So, the isolation of Russia and the devastation of Ukraine will have some economic impacts. I can guess some, but I’d like to hear about the ones that are less obvious, if the board gurus will oblige.

I do hope it leads to more corporations’ building in the U.S. and Canada, as they factor in the value of stability and a more predictable future.


Too many useless polls.


Politics was banned from METAR to put a stop to nasty partisan battles that have NOTHING to do with investments.

METAR is an investment board. Politics is off-topic.

Discussing the economic and investment impact of new laws and regulations is on-topic.

Pointless wrangling over in-process legislation, and especially posting about politicians and political parties is not allowed and will be FA’d.

Anyone who doesn’t like this decade-plus policy is welcome to leave METAR and join Political Asylum.



The rules are neither perfect nor perfectly applied - we are after all humans.

That does not mean they do no good at all, nor does it mean the relevant people don’t TRY to apply the rules even-handedly. It is certainly no argument for abandoning them - you can get that result just by going to the Political Quagmire.

Too much politics gets through.


exactly what warrl wrote, and a rec