Poll: Vincero Poll, Nessum Dorma

Are you mocking me, Dreamer? I no more than disclose Sleep as my secret weapon, and you flaunt Nessum Dorma as the POMO anthem. Or maybe you just got lucky…


So, what do you think about https://youtu.be/6R5-FXVHruQ

  • This song belongs to Luciano Pavarotti
  • Sopranos should stay in the kitchen, this is for tenors
  • Michael Bolton? Are you kidding me?
  • Franco Corelli wins for “best tutu” (at 7:16)
  • I agree with Dreamer, Paul Potts

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I like the old guy screaming above the mountain…

For Nessun Dorma, i like Potts bc he always puts effort into first Vincero while many just focus on the 2nd Vincero.

But Pavarotti is great too.


This is one of the most original threads I´ve ever seen.
I didn´t vote though.