Imagine “Vincero” as “the POMO”

C’mon…do it with me now. Let out that primal scream.
You know you want to.





Or go old school:
https://youtu.be/6R5-FXVHruQ (I like Paul Potts, starting around 8:04 mark)
https://youtu.be/Kg3aiEiK_PU (Double dose of Pavarotti near the end of this one)

Dreamer ← enjoying some POMO at moment.

I think Dreamer locked himself in the basement to strengthen his POMO. Wonder if he took snacks and water with him.

I have been channeling my inner-dreamer to fight FOMO. Went cash as market was going up Thursday-Friday last week. Sooo painful to watch my ex-stocks rallying. Tough to miss on 8 to 10% rally, losses locked in. Then I missed the 2-hour blue light special on UPST.

I now have 60-day limit orders for UPST at $113, $103 and $93. Ah!!! The first one filled at $112.96. I sold out at $114.13 last week. I had purchased my last batch at $104.90 not long before. Now I have to fight the urge to rebuild that big position right now. Bed time. What to do. I kind of figured that $113 was a pipe dream. No Dreamer to provide FOMO/POMO wisdom.



No Dreamer to provide FOMO/POMO wisdom.

I have this overwhelming feeling that translates to “I have no idea what is going on, but it doesn’t seem right.”

Thusly, I have decided to aggressively be non-aggressive, and do something by doing nothing.
So I am still at ATH and up a sliver YTD.

Oddly feels good and bad at the same time.
Good because it has been a tough market for most.
Bad because the goal is to compound my port, not watch it float for hours on a calm lake.

Part of me thinks the 3/14 (or so) low should have been bought more aggressively. I did buy stuff, but sold after getting back to YTD even.

Fed seems in tightening mode. Gas prices are a frigging joke.
I worry about GLBE due to, well, global economy issues and Shopify and small businesses getting squeezed by inflation.
I don’t worry about PTLO, but lockup expiration is 4/17 or 4/18, so I am hesitant to buy in bulk for long-term yet.
Most of companies I like never stopped being expensive.
BTFD and FOMO seems alive and well - there was no capitulation.
Feels a lot more like May 2021 dip than Dec 2018 or March 2020 or Dotcom bust. But I think it should have been more like one of the latter.

So is this just a Bear rally?
Is all of 2022 just going to be a sideways grind, killing bears and bulls along the way?

Outside of market crashing or growth names crashing again, I think my next move will be PTLO, closer to lockup expiration.

I feel FOMO, for sure, but for whatever reason I seem to have more resolve in standing pat until I see something I really like.

To quote the greatest song of all time: “I still haven’t found, what I’m looking for”.



Speaking of UPST, when things hit the fan on Tuesday and UPST was ~$106, I sold a $140C against 2/3 of my position. Implied volatility of the options was nearly 80 so I got a decent premium. If UPST rallies past $140 by expiration I’ve effectively sold stock at $140. If not, I get(?) to keep the stock and the premium I received for selling the call. My own little perverse form of POMO.


I have been considering getting more creative.

Reality is my best returns have been when i go long and dont trade/sell too soon.

Just not sure what conviction i have at moment.

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Closed the short UPST Call this morning for a 25% gain in one day. Just a chicken little, unwilling to keep riding this bull.




POMO has been sighted off shore…repeat…POMO confirmed!


as you were


Not again! (gasp!)


POMO has been sighted off shore…repeat…POMO confirmed!


will this madness ever cease???



POMO has been sighted off shore…repeat…POMO confirmed!

Reaction from “valuation doesn’t matter” bulls:

Reaction from Dreamer:

as you were,