Poll: Where will AMZN HQ2 be?

Which city will Amazon pick for its second headquarters?

  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • New York City
  • Austin
  • some other city

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I’m thinking it’ll be Denver.

I’m thinking it’ll be Denver.

My pick was Austin because that’s where Whole Foods is HQed, they have a large tech workforce, they have a population over 1 mil (think the metro is about 2 mil), housing is affordable, and Texas is very business friendly. I think AMZN already knew a while ago where they would put their 2nd HQ and they are just using this contest to extract more tax credits and other concessions from their city of choice. I think that perhaps they viewed their 2nd HQ as another synergy when they decided to acquire WFM.



The NY Times thinks it will be Denver. See this: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/09/09/upshot/where-…

Technically I think it’s Aurora which is closest to the Denver airport and has land available.



Housing costs are okay.

Education center.


Chicago (State of IL ) are both raising taxes both on businesses and individuals. It is not considered a business friendly state or city. I believe Chicago may be the only or leading big city when it comes to population decline. The state has lost population too. The city has made progress; about 70% or so of it’s student’s graduate high school in 5 years. But it is centrally located.
Foxconn just located in Wisconsin, near the Illinois border after considering Illinois. Workman’s Compensation laws need a revamp. Moody’s rates Chicago bonds non investment grade.


I’d be very surprised if AMZN chose Chicago.


I am going with Austin.

I live in the Seattle area, and the political climate is extremely anti-business. Amazon is (in the eyes of many politicians) guilty of causing major transportation issues, home prices going out of control, destroying single family neighborhoods, and causing the latest solar eclipse (just joking but not much of an exaggeration). The recently ousted mayor said the day after Amazon announced they were looking for HQ2, that he would begin dialogue with Amazon to evaluate their needs. I think the fact that the city has NOT had ongoing communication with their largest employer, and one that transformed a run down 50 year old warehouse district into a modern and vibrant place to work says wonders.

Many of the other cities have many of the attributes Amazon wants, but after dealing with anti-business Seattle I think going to a business friendly environment would be on the top of their list. Austin gives them that, and a pretty good university in town. And since Texas tends to support that university pretty well, it can be transformed into a top electrical engineering town.


A business friendly state or city on the east coast if they can find one?
Shipping is still costing Amazon way too much!


Easy access to both midwest and eastern seaboard.
World class programs in Computer Science, AI, and Robotics (Carnegie Mellon University).

Wild guess.


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I am going with Austin.

I picked Austin too for the reasons that I stated in my previous post on this thread. But I just had a funny thought. Trump and Bezos have been feuding. Wouldn’t it be funny if AMZN picked a Canadian city to piss off Trump, who has been pounding the table on bringing jobs back to America? What if they picked Ottawa which has a strong tech culture. It is also the home of Shopify.



Would be shocked if Amazon chose Chicago. We (as a Chicagoan) may have one of, if not the worst, labor situations in the US. I give a far less than 1% chance Amazon moves here. Maybe the IL government can pull something off they never have.



Nothern Virgina, has the international airport and direct flights to California cities. Has a number of universities to supply well educated people. Lots of internet savvy people around here. He wants an east coast presence and he already owns the Washington Post. Millenials can live in DC and commute out or telecommute. People can live in the burbs and send their kids to great schools.

He must love the Fool too and want to be close by.

Its a second HQ, not a warehouse/shipping location.

I live in Austin and think it won’t be here because:

  1. Education - Texas continues sliding backwards. Mention something like “climate change”, “evolution”, etc. in the classroom at your own risk.

“Texas is now ranked 43rd in the nation”

  1. Guns - The head of DW’s university spoke at the 2017-18 kickoff session and mentioned that Texas’ loose gun laws were causing some parents to question whether to send their children to school here.

  2. Discrimination - We still have major problems with discrimination in terms of sexual orientation, race, and gender.

  3. Infrastructure - Sure, we can get you utilities to you – but we can’t get you to work. Our roads are congested and terrible, a product of having our city run by a downtown social clique for many decades. (Read this as: “If it’s not benefiting downtown, we don’t care”.) We’ve only recently changed to district-based representation and it’ll take a while to recover. [Folks in my neighborhood joke that we only get two things from the City – bills and jury summonses.]

  4. Taxes - Think Texas has low taxes? When I moved from CT to Austin, my property taxes were almost identical for the same priced home (and almost equally split between the school & municipal taxes).

  5. Politics - Our state gov’t HATES major cities because they trend Democratic and seems to take every possible opportunity to screw them whenever the opportunity arises. Any time a city does something that could be considered the least bit “liberal” or “anti-business” (state gov’t seems to equate the two), look for the state to step in. Cities have tried to do things like stop fracking inside city borders and put regulations in place for companies like Uber/Lyft. The state immediately stepped in to squash any such regs. (They’re now on place to further interfere with cities’ managing their property taxes, bans on use of plastic bags, etc.)

  6. Weather - Hey, it’s hot. Make that H-O-T. We still talk about the recent summer where we had over 90 days of 100+ degree temps – and it’s not a “dry heat”.

If AMZN were to locate here, it might be near Austin, but probably not in it. There are better locations in the metro area.


Y’all are welcome to return to CT anytime…

Every state has its issues and advantages and disadvantages.
I assume we offered something you liked or you wouldn’t have moved here.

There’s plenty not to like here in Texas, but CT - what is it they offer?


I’m from the Deep South and lived in TX for a number of years before heading North for some more interesting work. Returned to Texas years later for the same reason. I only mentioned CT to put Texas’ property taxes into perspective, not debate the relative merits of each state.