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I am just curious. My wife and I retired at 61. It was a few years before we had planned, but I was a teacher and disgusted by what was happening to education. We looked at our numbers, and it turned out that we could make it work comfortably. There have been other things that have happened in our lives that have made us very happy we did not wait longer. I know 61 isn’t as early as some of you are looking at so here is my question.

How far away are you from your expected/planned for/hoped for early retirement?

  • 20 or more years from retiring early
  • 19 to 10 years from retiring early
  • 9 to 3 years from retiring early
  • 2 to this year from retiring early
  • I am like you; retired early and living off savings/SS/pension/etc.

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  • Probably not retiring “early”

I will be retired September 1.


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Hi PucksFool,

I am 17 years and 12 days away from retiring, but in reverse order, as in, 2005.

What amazes me is how quickly 6,220 days can fly by.

Heck, I am thinking it is Tuesday but that was 2 days ago and I only have one more work day (for our contractors) tomorrow.

Late tomorrow afternoon, I will look around at all the material piled into the garage this week like most of the flooring, all the trim materials, all the cabinets for the kitchen, bathrooms, mini-kitchen, laundry, etc and all the interior doors and I will wonder what happened to all the days of the week.

All holdings and some statistics on my Fool profile page

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I tried to retire last April, but they begged me to stay to train the “team” that will replace me. Even though I gave them several weeks’ notice that I was doing this, and they approached me less than a week before D-Day. Part of the deal is that I get health coverage during this transition, and I can come and go as I like. Just came back from a getaway last week.

They have some smart people, so I suspect they won’t need me around for more than a few months. As long as I can do what I want, I’ll keep taking their money and healthcare.

1poorguy (always with great timing…portfolio is down significantly over the past 6 months)

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