Quit while you're ahead

It’s an old, old meme to “quit a job, or retire while that job is still enjoyable, and the workmates are enjoyable”.

I personally know 3 people who worked 2 years too long.

Person B - IDK what the issue was, but, I worked with him during those last 2 years. He started off hitter, and became progressively MORE BITTER.
And, today, after about 20 years of retirement, he continues to be bitter, although he might be mellowing?
His retirement income is solid, no day to day cost of living worries.
From my outsider POV, that bitterness has detracted from his happiness for 20 years.

Person E retired within the last year. I’ve known him for 40 years. He retired after 35 years federal civil service, so his retirement income is solid.
From listening to him talk about how he interacted with his coworkers… he was a difficult coworker.
But, in general he was “happy” at home, and his family was his top priority.
He began to suffer physical decline about 15 years ago. Primarily knees.
He and I* talked somewhat regularly about retirement plans. E’s original retirement plan was retire at 30 years. IDK why that changed, but he continued working.
E was basically forced out, by his “boss” not recognizing him at bonus time.
E is extremely bitter and depressed. And, it seems to be affecting his family dynamics.

Person R retired … abruptly. I think it was a whim (she never talked about retirement**), cause R saw me retire and went and asked her HR if she was eligible, and talked to her finance guy to see if her finances would support it.
Finances seem “ok” - not really “solid”… but ok.
Emotionally, R seems to be “ok” due to a lot of (mostly religious related) social activities,
Still, R seems bitter. She has a hard, angry underlying vibe that she didn’t use to have. I do know that her last 10 years working were “unhappy”.

Person #4 is not yet retired.
Person M, will soon retire, and it seems an involuntary choice. M is not quite “solid” for his retirement income. Over the years, M and I talked regularly about retirement. He “heard” my plan/s. Still, he wouldn’t “plan”, until… 10 years ago?**
I’m getting bitterness and unhappiness vibes.

It just makes me sad. I wish all 3 would at least be emotionally OK.

I managed to quit while I still enjoyed my job and coworkers.
I formulated a plan, and quit on my terms, while I was ahead.


*hearing Es plans was instrumental in motivating ME to set a retirement DATE. I set my date and then DID it. He set his date… but didn’t follow through.

** “Failure-to-plan is a plan” is also an old old meme.