PolyOne announcement today

I could imagine this being quite important and spreading rapidly to other car models and other manufacturers.


Innovative technologies from PolyOne Corporation (POL), a premier global provider of specialized polymer materials, services and solutions, have enabled Citroen to launch groundbreaking Airbump® exterior protective panels on the new C4 Cactus passenger car.

The air-filled Airbump panels can compress up to 20 mm, and bounce back to shape in an instant. Citroen notes that this will reduce the cost of vehicle ownership by reducing damage due to everyday bumps, such as those from shopping carts or the doors of other vehicles.

Working closely with the Citroen design team, PolyOne developed a specialty OnColor™ Smartbatch™ color and additive technology that allows the distinctive panels to meet stringent UV stability, appearance and durability requirements.

“We are thrilled at the opportunity to be part of this effort by bringing enabling technologies to the Citroen team as they pioneer new directions in automotive design,” said Christoph Palm, general manager, Color & Additives EMEA & India, PolyOne Corporation. “By working with Citroen and its Tier 1 suppliers, we were able to develop an advanced solution that provides the panels with uniform, attractive, and durable color despite exposure to sunlight, heat, and detergents.”


Hmm… I don’t know. Have you seen these? I have difficulty imagining US car manufacturers embracing a widespread adoption of this look.

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After looking at the pictures, I agree. The panels seem more suitable for a practical, European city-car. However, the UV-resistant paint coloring that PolyOne developed for the cape panels might be used on lots of other things.



Thank you, Saul, for highlighting PolyOne for us.

It has a nice 5 year steady growth record, so management is doing something right. Looks like a strong steady performer kind of like WAB.

And, it appears to be on sale. I’ve opened a starting position.


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I’m a newbie here, I am in the automotive repair field. This sounds like what Saturn was marketing for their vehicles. Minor bumps and dings did not require repair and refinish. I thought this was an amazing concept that could possibly put me out of work. Thankfully I am still employed. The pictures I’ve seen are not what I think our US market will support. The hideous body side air cushion impact panels are not appealing. Most of my repairs are front and rear end hits, and my experience says that these cushion impact panels will have a small impact on overall collision repair. Sure they show the benefits of minor side impacts, but overall door side impacts, without door or door panel replacement are rare. I do not see enough evidence that front and rear impacts will be greatly influenced by his technology. Currently they have additives to enhance flexibility for impact resistances. These additives are added to the repair process to improve flexibility if there is another impact.