Portfolio Update 7/14

Portfolio Update 7/14/19 as of 10AM.

It’s been a month since I posted my May portfolio update found here; https://discussion.fool.com/portfolio-update-615-34231145.aspx

I have found doing these updates is helping me keep better records of my investing thought processes over the past few months. Much like keeping a journal in life when you re-read in the future it helps you remember what your thoughts were at the time of writing. Hopefully others find this helpful as well.

My portfolio monies are all in tax free accounts; Roth IRA, HSA, ESA. Thus I do not worry about tax consequences of my trading actions.

Current Portfolio as of 7/14/19.  
Change since 6/15/19  +4.6%.  
2019 YTD +44.5%.

Stock		Current	           % of Port	      	        % Change 		    Mark	
		% of Port	     on 6/14	   	        in port since 6/14	    Cap

CASH		  30.8		        39.4			-8.2		
TWLO		  15.7 		         9.9			+5.8		           19.1B
AYX		  15.3		        14.5			+0.8			    7.4B
ZS		  13.5		        18.6			-5.1		           10.4B 
MDB		  11.7		         5.9                 	+5.8			    8.4B
ESTC		  11.8		         9.9		     	+1.9			    6.6B
EBIX		   1.2		           0			+1.2			    1.5B	
New positions since last portfolio update: EBIX

Exited positions since last update:  TTD

Trades between 6/14-7/14

Bought 	        TWLO		7/10			145.25
		EBIX            7/8			50.76
		MDB		7/11			155.02

Sold   		TTD		6/17			249.94
		ZS		6/19			 80.23


Thoughts on trades and companies for the month. I do not go into specifics as they are thoroughly covered on boards.

TWLO-I bought back the position I had sold last month. I thought that they may have difficulty continuing to grow. TWLO announced working on IOT and Bert wrote an article that made me re-evaluate my thinking. I bought back to an overweight position, it is my top holding currently.

AYX-Probably my favorite stock. I am pretty overweight, but considering possibly purchasing more. Highest convection stock, should be my largest percent holding. Margins plus growth make it a winner.

ZS-I reduced my holding some. Bear questioned my holding it even though I had mentioned valuation concerns on my stock holdings as a reason to have a high percentage of cash. I took it to heart, really contemplated it and decided I would be wiser to realign my holdings to a more reasonable percentage.

MDB-I added to my holdings. The more I read about the company, the more it seems it has a long runway of growth.

ESTC-The stock has been on a tear the last two weeks. I expect that it will continue to be a top performer for the remaineder of this year.

EBIX-Just posted on this company. I have a starter position and I am in processes of learning more about the company.

I sold out of TTD yet again. I had stated last month I probably would. I just cannot seem to wrap my head around this company. I find myself not interested in learning more about it. Instead of fighting my own mind to focus on it, I moved on.

My cash position for the last three months was more than I had intended. The federal reserve is suppose to reduce the rate by 0.25%. The old adage of “do not fight the fed” comes to mind. I have been reducing my cash position some and plan to continue to do so.

One interesting thing that stuck out to me as I worked on this months update. My current stock holdings equal around the same amount of money that they did at the beginning of the year when I had no cash holdings, even though I have a cash holding of almost 31% currenly. So 7.5 months into the year, my stock portfolio value is exactly the same as the beginning of the year, while my overall portfolio has 31% of additional cash.


Can’t really blame you for having that much cash as it’s about the same percentage that I’m holding. :wink:

My cash grows monthly from my companies profits so I’ll never be fully invested.

I’ve been holding all the same names as you in my IRA, except for EPIX which I do not own, so that part of my portfolio has had a phenomenal couple of years like most that follow this board.

My crazy plan is to sell down those holdings in mid August as summer ends and Wall Street comes back from the Hamptons and gets angry about heading into another long winter over the fall. :wink:

At some point there has to be another sell off and what better time then the fall and into December just like we had in 2018.

I know I know you cannot time the market, but this board also says to go with your gut at times and my gut is telling me to have a plan and go with it. :wink: