Positions I've added to in Sep.

New Relic
Still trading around the price it was at near the end of May, NEWR shares seem pretty attractive to me. The short version of the thesis is that though growth isn’t 40%+, EPS is here and will be skyrocketing in the near future. I’ve added 20% more shares this month.

Mongo DB
I was remiss not to say more before now about their incredible quarter. Revenue growth accelerated to 61%! It was 49% last quarter and 50% the previous quarter. This is a huge acceleration. It was supported by all the underlying numbers, too. They added a ton of customers and Atlas especially roared, going from 14% of revenue last quarter to 18% of revenue this quarter. I added almost 20% more shares already in September.

I gave my thesis here: http://discussion.fool.com/bear39s-talend-q1-thoughts-33142874.a… Talend has some pretty fertile ground ahead of them and is only a ~2 billion dollar company. I added almost 20% more shares earlier this month, and that’s after having added in June, July, and August too.

Hope these thoughts on these companies are interesting to some of you. They would be my “best buys now.”



Thank you Bear. While concentrated versus your monthly portfolio review it’s nice to get back to talking growth stocks. Like with Saul, I always appreciate your willingness to share your thoughts. I never miss one of your posts.


Thanks Paul for your always interesting follow-ups. I have the Humongous Database on a PS of about 22 and a short position of 22-25%; shall we say an interesting BBN! It came through my Smallcap Saas screen (which ignores valuation) along with two others: Adobe, which constantly features and in which I have a big and longstanding position, and Fortinet which did not seem up to the mark on growth (and I prefer Palo Alto).

My current business software holdings are ADBE, MSFT, CRM, AMZN (for AWS) and ACN (an indirect play). The smaller caps. I hold are currently APPF, APPN, AYX, CSGP, NTNX, PANW, PAYC, SQ, TEAM, TWLO, VEEV and ZS.

I think only Accenture, Adobe and Veeva have ever come through my main screen + DD for quality on broad fundamentals, but of course that is not what we are about here.

Enjoying the ride.


I own some ACN. Cramer talks about them often. It seems that hey could benefit from a lot of the tech developments we discuss here. When I looked at there performance history at Morningstar, I was floored. Some of the best long term returns I have ever seen. According to Morningstar-I have never verified this-they were down about 8% in 2008. And, I just don’t see how their future can’t be as bright or brighter than ever w cloud adoption, etc.