Possible AYX Catalyst

We saw how the economy slow down last quarter in general with the shut down of the government and the slow down in spending with many government employees tightening their belts.

But curious if AYX does any substantial business with the U.S. Government? Since the budget was frozen, many government projects using Ayx platforms could have been put on hold. Really expecting the revenue to accelerate this next quarter.



They have said specifically there was no impact from government shutdown.

AYX earnings call for the period ending December 31, 2018.

Hannah Rudoff – DA Davidson – Analyst
… I was wondering if there were any public sector deals you’d like to file in the quarter and if you had any impact on the government shutdown.

Kevin Rubin – Chief Financial Officer
We saw no impact from the government shutdown other than when I went to Washington during the shutdown, I couldn’t see a lot of people because their doors were closed.

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You gotta read between the lines. Basically Kevin said that with the doors closed any potential deals were not possible. Not so for this quarter. Bullish in my opinion.