Post of the Day, folks!

Saul’s board is the hunting ground for posts of the day :slight_smile:…




Agree on post of the day! I rec’d it on MFRB boards the day you wrote. Who says you can’t rec a post twice?

I also own SWIR and UBNT. UBNT was, before the fall last week, my no. 5 position, so as you state, it’s hard to abandon. Is that emotion or hope on my part I ask myself?

Your post-of-the-day (re-read this morning as I look to purge some of the weeds out of my port) helps me very much by pointing out Pera’s long term objectives (like doubling revenue), especially his response “look at 3-year windows” and the relatively short-term view of analysts.

I’m sticking. Thanks again.

Now to figure out what I think about INVN

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