POT Testing & Trucker Shortage

Wow, who knew that some truck drivers occasionally smoke Pot?


Business Insider

Marijuana testing for truck drivers is becoming a leading cause of the growing national trucker shortage, expert says

gkay@insider.com (Grace Kay) - Yesterday 11:00 a.m.

Meanwhile the Premier of our largest province by population (Ontario) is complaining (rather loudly) about our Carbon tax. Technically he can reduce or scrap the Ontario version … but if he does the Feds would increase their take.


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First, bust the union to reduce their pay and working conditions.

Then, don’t pay truckers while they wait for their load at congested ports.

And finally, take away away a smoke while they wait for their load.

We’re going to free-market and moral-hazard ourselves to death.


Wow, who knew that some truck drivers occasionally smoke Pot?

In some states, like Michigan, recreational use is legal. Unlike alcohol, pot chemicals stay in the bloodstream in detectable quantity, long after the user has sobered up, so a blood test is not determinative of DUI, like it is for alcohol.

And, as thegreatdane noted, the industry has largely broken the unions, and cut pay and benefits so much that driving truck is not attractive anymore.


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