premature celebration

On May 26 I purchased my first “self-discovered” companies. It is not that I am the only Fool owning these, but all were among the better 44 of those captured by my “Saul” screener. So one celebration is of my venturing into, at least, the shallow end of the do-it-yourself investment pool.
The second, admittedly premature, celebration is one-month performance. Six picks, 5 winners. The 5/26 purchases are up 14.2, 10.3, 9.5, 3.9 and 1.1 percent. On 5/29 I “boldly went” where Saul advises one should never tread: China. Result, -6.4%. I added to three of these positions this week.
Our portfolios are conceptually divided into 4 “equal-ish” parts: high dividend, Phoenix 1, Phoenix 2, and Saul. Phoenix 2 is my wife’s IRA and will be fully P2 as they add money to the portfolio. The Saul portion is also in transition, containing three large positions (BOFI, 30.1%, AMBA 25.6%, SKX 11.3%), five medium (SWKS 6.0%,CRTO 4.7%, WAB 3.0%, XPO 2.8%, and INBK 2.5%) and eight less than 2.5% each.
Thank you, Saul (and other contributors to this board). Best way to thank Saul is to use the method and find an investment or two.



You need to change your handle to 5forsix


5forsix has a nice ring to it. However, there is a 50+ year old story behind Oforfive that strongly suggests such a change would be a foolish exercise in hubris.




Congrats on a nice month!