Happy 14th!

Happy 14th Fool birthday, Saul! I can’t thank you enough for teaching me another approach to investing. I am in year 2 of investing in your rapidly growing growth company approach, and I could not be more happy. It is truly a different headset, one that I eased into gradually over 6 months as I learned and began to understand and trust it. I whittled down from 25 companies to my current 11, and while I am still learning, I feel comfortable with where I am at. Last year I was up 92%. Year to date, I am up 52%. I know hits big and small will come, and I am prepared to remain in the market. I find regularly reviewing the knowledge base cements what I know, as well as adding new insight.

So again, a very happy Fool birthday to you, Saul. I wish you every happiness in your new year. And thanks for making me, even after just 2 years, a life-changing mountain of green.

My very best,