Preparing for a natural disaster

We had a brief but very intense storm Saturday afternoon. We lost our electricity, but our standby generator kicked in and our lives went on. We were surprised when few hours later we got our power back. Other people weren’t so lucky. The straight line winds of 70-80 mph damaged roofs, snapped off large trees or pushed them over on cars, houses, and of course power lines. We have friends in Ottawa, ON, and the same storm system that created problems here in Indiana killed people and left 174,000 customers without power there. Finally 4 days later the power has been restored to all the customers around us again. I think a lot of the city dwellers were unprepared for a multi-day power outage. We have them every few years so we are probably better prepared than most. I got a newsletter a few days ago and it had a link to an article about preparing for a natural disaster.…
10 Tips for Rural Dwellers to Prepare for Emergencies

Even if you don’t live in a rural area, you might find something worthwhile in the article.