Production and wages…

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Apple plans to keep iPhone production flat, raises starting hourly wage to $22


I’ll take that as good news. TMF still likes it (a premium link), noting that BRK.A bought 3.8 million more shares in the first quarter, and Apple bought back 133 million.


Those 133M shares Apple bought back, what happens to them?

Are they retired or vaporized changing things like the earnings per share ratio?

Are they kept in a treasure chest to be awarded to employees as stock bonuses?

Does Apple management get to vote those shares if they are not vaporized?

Usually shares acquired by the company become treasury shares. They are no longer outstanding. So they are not included in per share numbers. And no they cannot be voted. They are available for future issue or for use as employee bonuses etc. They are still authorized shares.


Fewer shares - Higher value of the remaining shares.…

Apple’s been doing this a while now…

I haven’t signed in, but it’s been pretty consistent…