Professional Salesmanship

Not to clutter the AYX threads this is what I was taught in Sales Schools – IBM, NCR, and insurance.

1.- Make a list of contacts. There are a variety of methods depending on the product or service you are selling.

2.- Qualify the contacts: a) do they need your product? b) can they afford your product? c) do you have access to them?

3.- What remains on the list are your prospects

4.- This one applies to selling insurance: Don’t waste your time, if you have not made a sale on the second visit, drop them from your list.

In Alteryx’s case I suppose their software can do the initial qualifying. One or two initial contacts with everyone on the list makes sense. I find a discount as an initial approach to be rather strange unless their qualifying method determines this to be a viable approach for the specific prospect.

In the case of SaaS, the cost of selling has an important influence on the final financial outcome as explained by David Skok, CAC vs. LTV.

Denny Schlesinger