PSTG Introduces Pure Storage Orchestrator CtSaaS

Haven’t seen this posted on the board, but about 2 weeks ago Pure formally introduced Pure Storage Orchestrator.

Pure Storage (NYSE: PSTG), the all-flash storage platform that helps innovators build a better world with data, today announced the availability of Pure Service Orchestrator, which delivers container storage-as-a-service to empower IT and developers as they deploy container-based, microservices applications. Pure Service Orchestrator equips customers with effortless, self-managed storage that drives data centric architecture with public cloud-like agility on-premises, backed by all-flash speed and enterprise reliability.

With Pure Service Orchestrator, enterprises can now support dynamic containerized environments by consuming storage-as-a-service for containerized, persistent applications on Shared Accelerated Storage infrastructure. This enables customers to drive innovation and faster time-to-market.

The press release is here:…

And a summary article here:…

Seems like interesting news for PVTL/Kubernetes people. I don’t totally understand everything this implies, but seems like a much needed solution for certain enterprises and it is scaleable and will provide more recurring revenue going forward.



I think this is material and exciting. They seem to be operating on another level vs other storage players that may have flash but seem to be thinking about their business in spinning disk way and totally asleep at the wheel (kind of like IBM I guess).

This is exactly why I am happy to be in Pure Storage. Apart from the fact that flash memory and data storage has amazing tailwinds, they are approaching this sector from a software or PAAS/SAAS business model way rather than hardware appliance way.