PSTG NVDA: partnership…

We’ve known about this already. The above is a link to an IBD article from today.

Enter Pure Storage (PSTG) and its FlashBlade technology. As one of 10 vendors brought in to clear the bottleneck, Pure Storage left the competition in the dust and a partnership was born, according to the website Next Platform.

“The partnership with Nvidia started in the field, which I think is generally, at least in my experience, where the best partnerships begin,” Pure Storage President David Hatfield said on a recent company earnings call…

…Its relationship with Nvidia serves as a prime example. Joint marketing activities between Pure Storage and Nvidia have been ongoing for several quarters. The wins have been piling up, helping push Pure Storage to profitability in the latest quarter. Following its first product launch in 2012 and initial public offering in 2015, Pure Storage eclipsed $1 billion in annual revenue for fiscal 2018.

More stuff we knew already.



I think this article was first published Monday, but might have had some figures in it updated today…particularly with Pure being up a bit more on the day.

Here’s a thread from Monday on the NPI board that included a link to this article. I also put in some links to documents associated with the recent webinar about the AIRI offering that occurred last week.




One interesting thing said in that article (we discussed it a few days ago on NPI as it linked to a much more detailed technical article on the subject - that gives the much longer details as to how and why PSTG does what it does where the other vendors could not) is that one of the analysts says that in 2-3 years he expects FlashBlade to be the leading revenue producer for PSTG.

I am not sure of the details of how this analyst is making this claim. But since sales are currently $80 million, that implies geometric growth over the next 2-3 years to get to $1 billion or beyond, as that is what FlashArray is doing in sales presently.

I am not sure if we should take this particular analysts opinion seriously, or if it was just a slip and he meant eventually or in 3 to 5 years or something.

If FlashBlade takes off like this analyst is predicting, PSTG share price is going to go through the roof.

In the end, Nvidia is doing most of the heavy work in the partnership. It is amazing the depth of NVDA’s expertise and how they maximize throughput and AI processing. FlashBlade was able to get all the NVDA GPUs up to 95% capacity by making software tweaks and the native hardware capability of FlashBlade. No other competitor came close.

There comes a time when what looks like a competitive field actually is not. With PSTG it is starting to look like FlashBlade is really a product with no real comparables from competitors.

Talend may have a similar offering with its ability in the cloud and combining this with one piece of software to combine cloud and on-premise that it seems no other serious competitor offers. So yet another place where this time, Talend, may not have any real competition in a field that otherwise looks like it is full of competitors.

Under the radar functional monopolies, at least in specific, material, product segments.

Would love to know if his analyst was misquoted, crazy, or if he has a real basis for the implication in his quote that FlashBlade will do a billion + in business in 2 to 3 years.




we discussed it a few days ago on NPI as it linked to a much more detailed technical article on the subject - that gives the much longer details as to how and why PSTG does what it does where the other vendors could not

Do you have a link to the technical article that provides details on which other vendors were compared to PSTG and didn’t stack up?


Here is the thread. The first link is to the longer article with more technical details. I do not believe the article specified the other 9 vendors, just that PSTG won hands down, and it goes into the technical details of why delivering data to NVDA GPUs is not a straight-forward problem, that it actually takes some real work and not just any product will do.

Well worth a read, not just for PSTG but also NVDA, as their true expertise and dominance just stands out.