Pure Storage blog with shade thrown @ NetApp

Basically Roy Kim (who worked at NVDA prior to Pure Storage, fwiw: https://discussion.fool.com/podcast-w-pstg-guy-involved-w-airi-3…) is stating that the NetApp Artificial Intelligence reference architecture paper raises some questions that indicate that NetApp’s offering is not up to the level of the AIRI offering from Pure Storage (mentioned in the following posts on Saul’s board).


From the posting:
“Let’s take a deeper look at NetApp’s first AI reference architecture, which seems rather “inspired” by our work with AIRI, but has some important differences to understand.”

Then later:
“When image distortion (crop, blur, etc.) is enabled as part of the benchmark, A700 slows down DGX performance by up to 20% (figure 4 & 5 in their paper)!..We found no such performance variations with AIRI- the same performance is delivered no matter what the setting is.”

Near the end:
Once in a generation, a technological force emerges with enough potential to change industries and societies. AI is that defining force of our generation.

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