Podcast w/ PSTG guy involved w/ AIRI

Roy Kim works for Pure Storage (PSTG) and was one of the guys I saw listed for the May 9th webinar to discuss the new AI-Ready Infrastructure offering that is coming from Pure and NVidia and also includes 100 Gigabit switches from good ole Arista Networks (ANET). In trying to see if Roy had a Twitter account, I found that he was on this episode of the “Tech Fugitives” podcast (episode 11). It should be pretty easy to find the podcast by searching for Tech Fugitives within your favorite podcast app.


I find interesting the fact that Roy previously worked for NVidia prior to going to work for Pure Storage. I also found a particular irony in the fact that they asked the question during the podcast “how soon will a human be killed by an AI?”, which I listened to today when NVDA in particular has been hit hard the past 2 days after the report that they’re temporarily suspending their on-road tests of autonomous vehicles (AV) due to the death of the pedestrian last week “at the hands” of an AV.

Main summary points of the podcast:
-AI needs storage (quickly retrievable storage), huge datasets, and GPUs with their parallel computing abilities

-Pure’s storage solutions have been designed from day 1 to have their data be quickly retrievable and to have no bottlenecks within the storage system

I’m sure if others take a listen, they could probably expound further on some points from the podcast.

Long PSTG, Longer ANET, Longest NVDA


And for quick reference for anyone, here is a link to the Pure Storage press release about the AIRI.

Also, a link to the thread Saul started yesterday after he saw the press release (which came out earlier than it was supposed to).

On a related note, here is a link to Roy’s LinkedIn page.

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