Putin Picked the Wrong Country To Invade


Many citizens have gone a step further in their support and joined territorial defense units. As of Feb. 26, two days into Russia’s invasion, 37,000 Ukrainians were signed up. Now journalists, artists, musicians, TV hosts, comedians and thousands of others are patrolling the streets. Using conventional arms and Molotov cocktails — which have become something of a revered national weapon — they have apprehended saboteurs, shot down drones and stopped enemy tanks. In the defense of our country, they have been indispensable.

Ivan and Danylo Stolyarevskyi, brothers from Kyiv, wanted to join them. But because resources could not keep pace with the overwhelming number of volunteers, they were turned down. So the brothers joined Ukraine’s resistance online instead.

Ivan, 27, now spends his time writing Google reviews for Russian cafes and restaurants. But they are no ordinary reviews. “Russian troops have been bombing Kyiv and its peaceful residents for 4 days,” one reads. “Go out in the streets — stop the deaths of children.” By flooding places where Russians are congregating online, Ivan and the hundreds of others writing similar messages hope to spread the truth of the Kremlin’s atrocities.

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