Putin’s Natural Gas Strategy

Russia again cuts natural gas exports thru European pipeline
The state-owned energy giant said on Twitter that deliveries through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to Germany would be cut again Thursday, bringing the overall reduction through the undersea pipeline to 60%.

Gazprom also told Italian gas giant Eni that it would reduce gas through a different pipeline by roughly 15% on Wednesday.

The reduced flows to two of Europe’s biggest importers of Russian natural gas follow Russia’s previous halt of gas supplies to Bulgaria, Poland, Finland, the Netherlands and Denmark.

This should drive higher inflation in the EU plus damage their economies. Thus the EU is incurring a higher cost for its Ukraine policy than the USA. Is there a point where the EU splits from the US over Ukraine? Will the US send aid & LNG to the EU? Is the US “rules-based order” endangered by much higher energy pricing? Do Russia’s action cause a global recession?


Putin is throwing all Russia still has into somehow anyhow “winning victory” because Russia is running short on fighting capability.

My Ukrainian friend (I have posted about him before) now capitalizes parts of his mantra sent to all his Western friends:

What we Ukrainians know we need to do is

Regroup in July, and
Repulse and win August; but that is

all assuming you lucky people in the EU an USA succeed in pressing your politicos to send ammo instead of good ideas about how to surrender.

Am I clear?

I am a rather pacifist type, but nevertheless I am all in with my Ukrainian friend, now surviving “in splendid relative safety” in western Ukraine where he is doing trainings to troops in achieving “cheap, cell phone based, massively encrypted communication systems.”

Long ago, when I was 35 and he was 23, I loved him for his smarts even more than his cute butt and darling accent. He once made me promise not to die of AIDS, and I told him I couldn’t honestly make that promise, but that I would do everything consistent with reason and morality to do so. Yesterday, when I demanded he survive this war, he instantly caught the reference and replied that he honestly couldn’t make that promise, but he would certainly try, so long as that was consistent with a greater likelihood of Ukrainian victory.

That day, long ago in the UCLA Research Library, I knew I had picked a winner.

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I am a rather pacifist type

I rather doubt that; pacifists make good slaves and you don’t seem like you’d make a good slave to me.

I hope your Ukrainian friend wins.

“Pacifism is a shifty doctrine under which a man accept the benefits of the social group without being willing to pay-and claims a halo for his dishonesty.”
? Robert Heinlein in Double Star


I am a rather pacifist type,

Pacifist or not, if the Ukrainians are willing to fight it’s in the best interests of the West to bleed Russia as much as they can by providing armament and ammunition to Ukraine.

Just as WWII was a continuation of the Great War because the first one was not properly concluded, Putin’s war is an attempt to continue the Soviet invasion of Europe except this time the West is arming Ukraine, not Russia.

I heard this morning that Russia lost two more ships in the Black Sea. Sink the whole damned fleet!

Kissinger should be ashamed of suggesting that Ukraine should surrender.

The Captain

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