Quick Question Re: Motley Performance


Can someone pls advise where I can see a list of all Motley Buy/Sell Recommendations in Stock Advisor, Rule Breakers and Everlasting? Ideally, the list would include trade dates and associated stock prices.

Kind Regards & Many Thanks!

All of those products have a “Performance” tab/dropdown you can go to. Once you get there, way down at the bottom, there should be a link to show all positions, open and closed. This will give you all the information, and more, that you are requesting.

Hi, NAM0702.

Because each service is operated independently, you have to look at each service’s Performance page to get the listing of recommendations for that service. Note, however, that none of those services are managed portfolio services. There are recommendation dates but not trade dates.

Who notes you can also use the My Screener tool from the My Fool menu, and select specific service filters, though that tool does not show recommendation dates and only provides 5yr performance measures…

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There are many reviews available, and some backtests at:

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