I see these posted here and there. Why would I buy any of the stock recommendations? I have no confidence in MF. How could they get so much wrong? Are they working for us or the companies they recommend? Example: 1st DIBS, they keep re-recommending this name. Why?

Well said. If you don’t trust your advisor, you need a new one.

Many on the public boards pick their own stocks rather than relying on TMF premium services. But they do have enough participants to move prices on some stocks.

Be careful of Frontrunning and PNDing.

I’m not sure where you are seeing all these re-recommendations. 1st Dibs has been recommended once by a service that focuses on highly volatile micro-cap companies. Be sure you are not confusing write-ups by independent Fool writers with official service recommendations.

Who is not sure why you think 1St Dibs would be such a bad investment; a virtual flea market seems like a natural eCommerce idea…

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