Quick Thought on JD

The MF recommended this stock last summer. Many members of the board recommended not getting involved with Chinese stocks (or their US equivalent). Read as much as I could and decided to make an investment. Held it as long as I could stand the pain. lost over 10% in 6 months. decided there were other places that could make me money. Sold and bought NKTR. Up about 60% so far.

I found the advice on staying away from Chinese stocks to be good, I am heeding it in the future.


I may invest in JD. Right now I’m just not convinced they can hold their own against BABA. Need more evidence or just to investigate it more. I know Walmart and Tencent are shareholders but still. I’m afraid of BABA.


Well here are my thoughts on JD in this thread on NPI…

Hydemarsh - I don’t want to get into the business of advocating China on this board and I’m not sure of your holding or time period but frankly overall almost without exception China large caps have made investors a LOT of money and have not failed to perform over mid to long term. Risky maybe but certainly outstanding returns. China small caps on the other hand seem fraught with risk that have been terrible for investors. Try not to throw the baby out with the bath water.

I accept folks not being in China stocks based on risk or perceived risk. There’s no way it is acceptable to not be in China stocks due to performance especially investable Chinese’s blue chip large caps. They have been some of the highest performers many of us have ever known (including Davis and Tom G).

Feel free to check out my monthly reviews to get an impression we are talking about 100s-1000%s in returns.



I found the advice on staying away from Chinese stocks to be good, I am heeding it in the future

The two biggest gainers in Rule Breaker history are BIDU and NTES. I believe over 2000% each. So, yeah.


My personal $.02 is just to manage the inherent risk. Since the Chinese government seems less “restrained” than some others, just don’t put too many eggs in that basket. A 1% or 2% position in JD.com probably turns out really well over time… and if it doesn’t, then at least you didn’t risk a 10% position because you managed the risk.

(I bought a <1% position in JD.com back in Sept. 2016, FWIW.)

I have owned BIDU for a long time and it has been berry, berry good to me. However, There have been a number of posters on this board and NPI that have said there have been big gains in some Chinese stocks but on average they are too hard and numbers are questionable. there are good growers in more reliable markets