QYLD bullish indicator

QYLD Makes Bullish Cross Above Critical Moving Average (etfchannel.com)

Looking at the chart above, QYLD’s low point in its 52 week range is $15 per share, with $21.09 as the 52 week high point — that compares with a last trade of $16.97.

And the dividend continues to be solid in this volatile market…doc


Simon says you’re late to the trade if it’s a short term trade that’s intended. Its div is attractive, but some CEFs pay even better. OTOH, its options based strategy should do well in down markets, and I own it.

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I own QYLD for dividends only regardless what the market is doing. If QYLD drops below $0.11 cent per share, I’am out.

But however Simon gave QYLD a Sell signal today.


Hey Quill. Not sure if you trade this with Simon Sez III or not. In general with Simon Sez III how often do you check for price labels in stockcharts? I know it is kind of ‘chef’s preference’ thing but I’m just curious. I was checking at market open and at close but am now only checking at open. Thanks

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I check my watch lists in the morning around 9:45am and again at 3:30pm.

At night I run some scanning tools to see what might happen with mine and my wifes portfolios. There are days when there nothing to do.

If there is nothing to do, pass and move on. Stocks like OSIS flew to darn fast heading north.

Like yesterday, QYLD had a Arc sitting on the top. It can be an early warning signal. Same for the bottom Arc.

Have a mental note to watch the following day to see what happens.

Bottom line , I wait-one-day for a signal daily.

As for the Simon III charts, same as the above, except their are Price labels to watch.

The longer it takes to go from the bottom price label to the top price label, the more money we make.


Thanks Quill. That’s helpful

QYLD holding steady in its price range and it keeps cranking out that dividend. If you have 10,000 shares it pays around $1700 per month which is pretty solid. If you hold 20,000 shares its paying you around $3400 per month. 30,000 shares pays a wopping $5100 per month and it has been paying a solid dividend for a long time. This ETF has not swung up nor down much in this volatile market. It is a solid buy in my humble opinion…doc

Hi Doc,

If you look at the overall chart, it paints a very very different picture.

Look at the 5 yr performance of QYLD vs QQQ!!

You would have lost money …despite the underlying having significantly increased. In other words, it is probably much better to just buy the QQQ, and sell a covered call, wherein you would have made money, even though not as much as just holding.

I am not sure why this anomaly is there, but thats what the charts seem to be saying.

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If you can respond that fast and that shrewdly to Doc’s tout of QYLD, then there’s nothing wrong with your charting skills and your thinking skills.

Furthermore, if you’re options savvy, then you’ve got the means to repair your losing positions. So, stop beating up on yourself and put together a repair plan which might well include just taking the losses to clear your head.

But here’s a comforting upside. Whatever losses you do take can be used --at $3k per year-- to offset income (any source) for tax purposes, and the losses can be carried forward each year to reduce another $3k on income that would otherwise be taxed.

At one point in my bond career, I had racked up close to $70k of losses. ($80K? I just don’t remember.) These days, that total has been whittled down to $20k (or whatever). But the huge advantage of not carrying more losing (aka, non-performing) positions that one really has to is that one isn’t scared that things are going to get worse.


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Hi Charlie
I haven’t said that QYLD is a long term buy for like years and years. I agree with you on the comparison to QQQ. I have been saying that this ETF has been a solid investment for this sideways market. It’s a high dividend investment in these times returning over 15%/year. I read many articles about how over the past 5 or ten years the QQQ has outperformed QYLD and I agree, but in this sideways market it has really generated a nice dividend every month especially with the QQQ so volatile while QYLD price has crept up slowly…doc

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re: QYLD

QYLD does not meet my Monthly divvy requirements. With 10,000 shares, I would make more money Swing Trading per Simon Sez III from Out of the Gate to the Finish Line.

GYLD again I would only Swing Trade 20,000 shares instead of 0.0343 Monthly divvies. vs getting around $19,000.00.

My rules are $ 0.11 cents per share per Month or greater, $ 0.34 cents per shares per Quarter or greater, $ 1.34 per share Annually or greater.

PSA pays about $ 3.00 per Quarter. Again with 1000 shares, I would make more money… Just a few trades, can buy my 2024 Tesla Model S in CASH.
My 2014 Tesla Model S 95 dark Blue loaded, cost me $ 120,000.00 taxes included Cash.
If I didn’t sell my 2014 Tesla, my electric charging tab would be grandfathered in and would cost me nothing. FREE is good.

So long that there is a Stock Market alive, well and kicking b*tt, Simon Sez will be your bestest friend you ever ever had. Simon will take care of you in any market conditions.

Werks for me.

Quill - a poor church mouse scratching for a living as a Swing Trader who is now studying Seasonality trading with the help of Simon.

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I’m glad you touted PSA again, because I’m going to rip you for that one, but not until after my bike ride on this balmy Spring day.

Hint: compare what PSA’s common pays in divs to what its pfds pay.

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Thanks a lot Arindam! Yes, I am trying hard to clear that from my mind, and I still am a long way away from being able to pull that off.

With regard to tax loss, unfortunately, I don’t think that will ease the pain as the loss is huge…I managed to put my lump sum into stocks at the worst possible time, and in the worst category of stocks ( Right at around Feb 2021, after everyone and their mother had made a lot of money off the pandemic the year before and now had started shorting or at least pulling money off the table… there I was admirably picking those very garbage stocks, putting all the hard earned money into those stocks…You cant make this stuff up. I am at a loss to understand how I managed to (mis) time it so well, but it sure has to be rank as one of the worst possible timing ever! In my defense, I knew nothing…but then thinking about it, then I had no RIGHT to put all those money into those horrible stocks, if I knew nothing).

I have tried to learn since then…I think I know a little bit now…But my biggest weakness is that in spite of seeing the writing on the wall in 2021 mid to late 2021, I was not willing to sell and come out. IF I had done that, trust me, that would have been the happiest loss that I could have taken…my losses since then have tripled or quintupled, because of my inability to accept what my brain could foresee but heart just couldn’t accept!

But yes, you are absolutely right. I really need to clear my head and start fresh as what has happened has already happened…I am trying…I am really trying!!

And thanks again Arindam…you and Quill and several others have helped ease the pain by teaching something new…Hopefully I get a chance for redemption!


re: PSA

Does that mean I have to " Go to the korner" with the dunce cap on unil you get back.
I have to cook supper and then get ready for grocery shopping at Shop Rite.

When I get back, I have about 4 hours of studying to do. I take a break watching Hogan’s Heroes with my wife every night. Sergeant Schultz is our favourite.

the monthly dividend for QYLD has been 17 cents for quite a while. The share price of QYLD has been very stable during the wild swings of the market the last 6 plus months. I will go with the stability of the price of QYLD and the consistent dividend every month until the economy recovers. 20000 shares of QYLD pays $3400 a month - add that to your social security and what do you get - over $6000 a month I bet. If your wife gets spousal benefits, then you have over $7500/month I’m guessing…doc