You want a growth industry? I’ll give you a growth industry:

Robots as a Service

Small manufacturers who can’t afford the $150,000 or often more to purchase robots to make their factories more efficient can now buy robots-by-the-hour. They cost less than the hourly wage for employees, don’t take lunch breaks, don’t unionize. They do occasionally break down, but overall it seems an area primed for growth:

Robot Subscription Services Let Companies Automate on the Cheap
The plans cost as little as $8 an hour, helping smaller businesses dodge high wages and labor shortages.

The robots are coming—and not just to big outfits like automotive or aerospace plants. They’re increasingly popping up in smaller U.S. factories, warehouses, retail stores, farms, and even construction sites. The pandemic has kicked orders for robots into high gear as companies deal with a labor shortage, rising wages, and a surge in demand for their products. U.S. robot orders jumped 28% in 2021 from the previous year, to an all-time high of almost 40,000 units, according to trade group Association for Advancing Automation, and they’re expected to increase again this year.

Several companies named in the article.