Railroad shutdown coming?

Ag groups urge Congress to prevent ‘devastating’ rail strike
More than 30 leading agricultural groups on Thursday urged lawmakers to avert a rail strike that would halt the transport of food and potentially cripple the U.S. economy.

Around 115,000 rail workers could strike as soon as Sept. 16 if they cannot reach a contract agreement with railroads. Many workers are eager to walk out after their dissatisfaction with contract recommendations offered by a White House-appointed panel aimed at ending years of contentious negotiations.

In a letter to the top lawmakers on transportation committees, agricultural groups warned that farmers rely on freight rail to transport their goods and that any kind of stoppage would likely lead to the loss of food supplies, driving up prices and exacerbating the risk of famine around the globe.



Strikes are a typical response to inflation. We are likely to see more of them as labor demands more compensation.

Wasn’t it Truman who threatened to draft striking rail workers so they could run railroads while in uniform?

Is National Guard or US Army able to run railroads?

Or is binding arbitration more likely?

is binding arbitration more likely?

I don’t know what possible legal remedies exist, but whatever they are it seems unlikely that the President would allow, even by passive inaction, a railroad strike to happen within a couple months of a national election, especially give the already obvious problem of inflation and supply chain shortages.

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The teamsters have given a year’s notice they plan to strike.

The other unions that are possibly threatening have made similar considerations. I do not know that but will venture none of it is willy nilly.

The cooling off period which blocks strikes ends Sep 16.

See: https://discussion.fool.com/railroads-reach-union-agreement-3515…

Rather than allow a strike, the most likely next step is either extend the cooling off period or binding arbitration.

You would expect the administration to be well aware of the pending strike and have paperwork ready to file. Strike is not likely to last very long (unless administration measures get help up in court).

The clock continues to tick – three unions without an agreement and two days to go.

Amtrak starts suspending service as freight railroad strike deadline looms
Amtrak canceled lines from Chicago to Los Angeles, the Pacific Northwest and San Francisco starting today so that passengers and trains would not be stranded in the middle of a trip.

AAR reported on Sept. 9 that hazmat such as chlorine used to purify drinking water and chemicals used in fertilizer are among the targeted shipments…

Effective Wednesday, September 14 at 12:01 am, BNSF will not allow Temperature Controlled Intermodal (TCI) units to in-gate at any of its intermodal facilities.

Temperature-controlled commodities include food (vegetables, fruit, meat) some pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, chocolate et cetera.)

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