Rdbx final price $1.28

The final price of Rdbx should be 1.28 according to the article in Marketwatch


Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment has finished its purchase of Redbox, winding up one of this year’s strangest meme-stock episodes.

Chicken Soup (ticker: CSSE ), parent of Crackle and other ad-supported streaming video services, takes on the Redbox network of 36,000 DVD rental kiosks, along with its own modest streaming video business. Redbox holders received 0.087 Chicken Soup shares for each Redbox share. At Chicken Soup’s closing price Wednesday of $14.75, Redbox holders got $1.28 worth of the former company for each share held.

The EndPrice for the affected Picks has been adjusted and the Pick and Player scores will be recalculated.

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